Dangle Earrings live on the website!

Finally, the “Coming Soon” picture is off my website and replaced with the Dangle Earrings…

The Peacock feather earrings are popular. I just sent out a bridal order with 7 pair! Did you know what peacock feathers are a symbol of renewal? The entire tail of feathers is renewed each year and they lose the previous batch over the season naturally.

Love, Cathy


Canned Venison

We had talked about canning venison a few times. The day finally came. Since hubby and and I have NEVER canned a single thing, we turned to my parents for help. Dad got out the big pressure cooker and helped us get everything ready. It was much easier than I thought it would be. And the venison tasted amazing!

We started with 4 pounds of venison shoulder, partially thawed and cut into pieces.

After boiling to sterilize the jars, lids, and rings, the venison was packed into the jars. One recipe called for 1 teaspoon of salt per quart. We were using pints and I forgot to adjust the salt for that! We used garlic salt then also added tomato juice to 2 of the jars. This was an experimental small batch, to test the process and try a couple different techniques.

Into the pressure cooker….

Once the steam builds and water spits out of the valve, close the valve and let the pressure build up to 10. Maintain heat for 75 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure. It takes some watching to adjust the heat to maintain the correct pressure. After 75 minutes, turn off the pressure cooker and let the pressure go down on its own. Then release the pressure valve. Opening the pressure cooker required pliers and a screwdriver. It was only a few minutes after we took the jars out that we could hear the lids popping as the jars cooled and completed the sealing process.

The meat filled jars weren’t quite as filled when finished. Lesson learned… pack more meat into each jar! Since the meat started out frozen, we could only get so much in the jars. Next time we’ll use completely thawed meat so we can get more in the jars.

Eager to do a taste test, we opened 3 of the jars into a skillet to make a sauce to go over noodles. The meat was tender, a bit salty, and tasty! It was a success and we plan on canning more venison!

Don’t go getting any ideas that I’m any kind of cook! This was a great opportunity for me to wear my apron, but it didn’t get dirty! So now I can go put it back on and make some venison sausage meatballs!

What’s your favorite candy?

I’ve been trying to not eat any sugar. No more sugar in my coffee. No candy. A little dark chocolate now and then… but it contains beneficial anti-oxidants!

One of my sterling silver charm vendors includes a few pieces of candy in every order. This last order included all of my favorites!

Lemon Heads. Starburst. Sour Punch.

I caved and ate Lemon Heads….

One of my Facebook friends suggested I hide the rest in a jar and save it for when my nieces come over. That sounds like a good plan!

So what kind of candy is your favorite?

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake, the cat named CC. We adopted CC in August of 2004 (i think). I know it was August because he was my birthday present. And I named him Carrot Cake so Hubby would always remember my favorite cake. It may have been 2003 when we adopted him. I just can’t remember!

I have to be very careful. This blog could easily by taken over by cat photos. Cat in a box. Cat on my lap. Cat in the sun. Cat outside. Cat playing with chipmunks. He’s very photogenic!


New cuff bracelets

I truly believe that to have long-term success selling jewelry, my jewelry and skills must constantly evolve. With the busy holiday season and working on a new website, there was little time for new products or learning new skills. Recently, one of my suppliers released a new tool and training video and I was inspired! I hope you’ll like my new products as much as I do!

So far, only the copper “inspire” bracelet is available for sale. Several new tools and cuff blanks are arriving tomorrow and I’m excited to make new samples! Be sure you are following me on FACEBOOK to preview new items.

Copper "inspire" cuff bracelet

Copper and sterling HOPE cuff bracelet

Sterling silver BELIEVE cuff bracelet

Photo A Day Catch Up… Again…

I need to do some catching up on my February Photo a Day! I woke up Monday morning with that familiar scratchy throat. Loaded up on Vitamin C and Zicam. Two days later… it’s worse, but I’m confident that tomorrow will be better!

About being sick… I feel better when I eat. Most people probably lose weight when they are sick. I gain weight!

Here are the photos I’ve missed sharing with you, and a special one at the end!

Feb 10 Self-Portrait

Feb 11 Makes You Happy

Feb 12 Inside Your Closet

Feb 13 Blue

Feb 14 Heart

Chuck and CC sittin' in a tree...

February 8 Photo A Day

February 8 Photo A Day theme was “Sun.”

We had a beautiful sunny day here in West Michigan! Here are two photos of my favorite subjects!


As I prepare to launch JustJaynes.com, I’ve been adding lots of great items to the CLEARANCE section of my Etsy shop.

This adorable Bee necklace is $16 with FREE Shipping!

Silver Bee Necklace

This heart necklace is perfect for Valentine’s Day. $19 with FREE Shipping!

Heart Necklace

Both of these necklaces are Ready to Ship and will arrive in time for Valentine’s Day!