My buddy Chuck

This is my buddy Chuck. Today was a big day for him! He went to the vet to get his rabies shot and his nails trimmed. He DOES NOT like to have his nails cut!

He was a good boy while in the waiting room. There was some excitement when other dogs came and went. But once in the back area, he became a different dog. Scared and looking for a way out. If he could have, he would’ve jumped out the window in the procedure room. One assistant held him while the other cut his nails. His eyes were so red I was worried he’d have a heart attack or stroke!

But once it was over and he was out of the room and back in the lobby, he was better. He was fine on the car ride and was happy to be home. He even went for another short car ride with me later in the day.

Now that the weather is nicer, we take him almost everywhere with us. Walks and rides are his favorite things! And treats.

As I type this, he is laying on the floor next to me. He’s my buddy.

To keep up with Chuck and his adventures, follow him on his Facebook Page!


Celebrity gifting

Several months ago, I joined a group called The ARTisan Group. The ARTisan Group is a group of artists that send gifts to celebrities. I’m participating in a celebrity gift bag for Tom Cruise. I’m gifting necklaces for his wife and daughter. There’s no guarantee that they’ll be photographed wearing them or will acknowledge the gift, but you never know!

Have a great Monday!


Soccer charm necklace GIVEAWAY


It’s time for a giveaway! This one is a sterling silver soccer ball charm on a sterling silver link chain. You can a choose 16″ or 18″ chain.

How to enter? Leave a comment below. (One comment per person!) Make sure I have a way to contact you. It’s that easy!

I’ll pick a winner using a random number generator on Tuesday.

Good Luck!

Sneak Peak – Leather bracelet prototype

I started thinking about leather jewelry many months ago, hoping it would be something that my hubby could help me with while he’s under-employed. He started with a few kits, including a gun holster! This is my first prototype, a leather and sterling bracelet.

I’ve been wearing it and have decided that I want to add grommets to the ends where the toggle attaches. I’m afraid if it gets caught on anything that the rings will rip the leather. That would be bad!

Next up, key fobs, bookmarks, and more bracelets.

Love, CathyJayne