My buddy Chuck

This is my buddy Chuck. Today was a big day for him! He went to the vet to get his rabies shot and his nails trimmed. He DOES NOT like to have his nails cut!

He was a good boy while in the waiting room. There was some excitement when other dogs came and went. But once in the back area, he became a different dog. Scared and looking for a way out. If he could have, he would’ve jumped out the window in the procedure room. One assistant held him while the other cut his nails. His eyes were so red I was worried he’d have a heart attack or stroke!

But once it was over and he was out of the room and back in the lobby, he was better. He was fine on the car ride and was happy to be home. He even went for another short car ride with me later in the day.

Now that the weather is nicer, we take him almost everywhere with us. Walks and rides are his favorite things! And treats.

As I type this, he is laying on the floor next to me. He’s my buddy.

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Photo catch up!

It was a busy weekend. Well, sort of. I did my fair share of lounging… not doing laundry, not dusting, not blogging, not working. Here are 3 days of Photo a Day:

Since those photos are not spectacular, here are two photos of favorite subjects!

Chuck and Carl on a ride

Wee Wee Wee Weeeeee

February 1 Photo A Day

Today’s Photo A Day theme is “Your View Today.” So predictably, I planned on taking a photo from my daylight basement window inĀ  my studio. Yesterday was unseasonably warm so a lot of snow has melted. I focused in on the area where the snow meets the lawn and snapped the picture.

After reviewing it, I see that my dog is in the background taking a crap. Oh well, that really was my view today!

Tomorrow’s theme is “words.” I’m 100% positive that my photo will include neither my dog nor his poop.

February 1