Photo A Day Catch Up… Again…

I need to do some catching up on my February Photo a Day! I woke up Monday morning with that familiar scratchy throat. Loaded up on Vitamin C and Zicam. Two days later… it’s worse, but I’m confident that tomorrow will be better!

About being sick… I feel better when I eat. Most people probably lose weight when they are sick. I gain weight!

Here are the photos I’ve missed sharing with you, and a special one at the end!

Feb 10 Self-Portrait

Feb 11 Makes You Happy

Feb 12 Inside Your Closet

Feb 13 Blue

Feb 14 Heart

Chuck and CC sittin' in a tree...


February 9 Photo A Day

February 9 Photo A Day theme was “Front Door.”

Our front door is nothing special. It actually looks better from the inside than the outside!

Feb 9 Front Door

I have some more photos to share with you in a separate post. They are some of my favorite pictures from our wedding… so many years ago!


February 8 Photo A Day

February 8 Photo A Day theme was “Sun.”

We had a beautiful sunny day here in West Michigan! Here are two photos of my favorite subjects!

Photo catch up!

It was a busy weekend. Well, sort of. I did my fair share of lounging… not doing laundry, not dusting, not blogging, not working. Here are 3 days of Photo a Day:

Since those photos are not spectacular, here are two photos of favorite subjects!

Chuck and Carl on a ride

Wee Wee Wee Weeeeee

February 2 Photo A Day

Today’s Photo A Day theme is “Words.” Words are everywhere. Which words to choose for this very important task? I choose the back cover of a book that I was using as a prop in my jewelry photos. The book belonged to my Aunt Bonnie. “David Copperfield”  Copyright 1942. I only chose this book as a prop because of the color of the pages and the covers. But I also love vintage books.

The next photo for today is “Hands.” Watch for it!

Feb 2 Words

On a very important side note: is down while I transfer hosting providers.

February 1 Photo A Day

Today’s Photo A Day theme is “Your View Today.” So predictably, I planned on taking a photo from my daylight basement window in  my studio. Yesterday was unseasonably warm so a lot of snow has melted. I focused in on the area where the snow meets the lawn and snapped the picture.

After reviewing it, I see that my dog is in the background taking a crap. Oh well, that really was my view today!

Tomorrow’s theme is “words.” I’m 100% positive that my photo will include neither my dog nor his poop.

February 1