February photo a day

Starting tomorrow, February 1, I’ll post a photo a day, based on this list! I hope you enjoy my it! Want to join the fun? Find out more at http://www.fatmumslim.com.au/



Things I Want

A few new Etsy favorites!

Red Clover print by amberalexander

This lovely print reminds me of my childhood on my grandparents farm. Lots of clover grew there. We’d pick the petals and suck out the sweet nectar.

Japanese washi tape by PrettyTape

I love washi tape! I use it on my jewelry boxes to jazz up the packaging, but I’m sure there are many more crafty uses for it! Here are a few ideas on Pinterest.

New website coming soon!

This is what my new website will look like! I’m excited and hope there won’t be much down time. I’m transferring my domain to the same provider so the site should also load on your computer faster.

It’ll be a lot of work and many items will need to be re-photographed. It’ll be a lot of work, but I’m up for the challenge.

What else am I going to do all Winter??!!

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Things I Want

Owl Sweatshirt by sealmaiden on Etsy

One of my favorite blog topics is “Things I want.” I love sharing the great items I find on Etsy.com. If my hubby gave me this for Valentine’s Day, I’d be very happy!

Today’s featured item is this “Cream Owl Sweatshirt” by sealmaiden. It looks so soft and comfy with the open neck and the front pocket.

For more info or to order, click on either photo.

Owl Sweatshirt

Owl Sweatshirt

C h a n g e s . . .

As much as I love selling on Etsy.com, I paid RIDICULOUS fees for December. So I’m working on my own shopping website. It’s long past due. Here’s a screen shot of what it might look like. I’m having trouble deciding on a template. The provider that I’m using probably has mediocre templates so that users will pay for a custom design.

Let me know what you think…

Camping time

It’s January 22 and I live in Michigan. So we are not camping now, but it’s time to schedule our next camping trip. We love to go to Interlochen State Park up near Traverse City, and if we plan it right, we can get a lakeside spot. Otherwise, for me, there’s no sense in going.

Last year we camped three times, in our tent. This year will be different. My parents bought a camper! It’s not a big one, but big enough for four people. Most of the time we will all be outside anyway.

Where’s your favorite place to camp?





So Pinteresting

Do you Pinterest? I do. It can be addicting and a complete time-suck. But if you’re looking for a craft project, a recipe, or a decorating idea, Pinterest is the place to find it! My favorite board is “Dreamy and McDreamy

Pinterest is also great if you’re planning a wedding. You can create separate boards for dresses, hairdos, decorations, food… everything you need to plan a wedding!

So follow me and get Pinteresting!

Meet the Crew

These are the 4-legged creatures that roam my house! CC the cat who loves to cuddle on my lap or take over my warm spot when I leave the couch. Chuck is our stubborn old dog who won’t let us cut his toenails. These photos were edited in Instagram. You can follow me if you have an iPhone, search for me as JustJaynes.

Growing out my hair

I’ve been growing out my hair for a while now. Not sure when exactly I decided to let it grow, maybe a year. Here are two pics showing the length when it was short to today. It’s coming along! I think I’m past the in-between stage and now it can just grow……

Do you have any hair tips to share?